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Orphan Advocate of the month….


Kate Wilson is our orphan advocate of the month!!!  Her heart for Orphans is larger then life.  Kate has volunteered much of her time in the past to a local pregnancy center as well as working in Capital Christian Centers children’s ministry.  She literally has children following her thru the hallways on Saturdays and Sundays.  Every child that knows her knows that she loves them unconditionally and will never judge them but encourage them into there destiny.  This love for children is God birthed.  Her sphere of influence is great and the thank you’s that she will receive in heaven will be greater. She offers so much to Saving Grace ministry.   We love Kate and we believe that her ministry to children will blow minds.  Rock Stars have nothing on this girl.  She is a rock star to hundreds and hundreds of children!

That is why she is our Orphan advocate of the month.


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Clinic Photos from November 8th 2008


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